Chelsea Sullivan

Discipline: Big Mountain Skier

DOB: March 10, 1986

Hometown: Whistler B.C.

Interests: Ski Mountaineering, Climbing, Kayaking and Working Out.

I moved to Whistler, British Columbia from Ottawa, Ontario when I was 19 years old. During my first five years there I became a sponsored athlete, an expert ski and boot technician; with my own return clientele, I blew my knee; (partial ACL, grade 2 MCL, grade 1 LCL, lost 20% of my meniscus, chipped knee cap and bone contusions, and a severe concussion), got my first guiding job, and became an Avalanche instructor. My interests in outdoor recreation reached new levels, and I began to see a career in the outdoor industry come to fruition. Over time I have received my OFA level III, my Wilderness First Responder, Avalanche Level 1 OPS, Rope Rescue Team Leader, Swift Water Rescue Technician, Active Membership with the CAA and my BC Wild Land Fire Fighter certifications. As well as a number of workplace certifications including a class four driver’s license, WHMIS, H2S Safety, and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

There are moments in my life that have shaped my development as a person, and as an athlete. None however affected me as much as this past year has. I lost the two most influential people in my life and a number of my friends to the power that lies in the pursuit of adventure. I try to live each day now with the type of dedication and passion that those people in my life embodied. Life is too short to say I’ll do better next time.

Sarah Burke (1982-2012), they call her the pioneer. There is not a life of which she has graced that was not touched by her kindness. She inspired a generation of women in adventure. A four time Olympic Games gold medalist, half pipe world champion, and successfully lobbied the IOC to have freeskiing added to the Olympic program for the 2014 Winter Olympics. To me she was the inspiration that a young girl from Ontario could live the dream. I remember her, for helping me learn the strength of perseverance.

Jim Norm Jack (1965-2012), the man, the myth, the legend. He had three first names. The head judge of the Freesking World Tour for 8 years, IFSA president, and a common forester. Jim was the inspiration that single handedly changed the sport of big mountain freeskiing to what it is recognized as today. To me he was the first person to tell me that he believed in me. That I was a part of the family of athletes he created on the FsWT. I’ll never forget that. For a sense of purpose and belonging I am forever in debt.

I am attending Thompson Rivers University, and am currently studying a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Adventure Sport Performance. I learned a lot about myself in university, I value good health, equality, respect, success, and lifestyle. My interests in skiing, climbing, mountaineering, fitness, self-promotion, and self-improvement have only increased since I began the program and my increased level of self-awareness has become a key in my success and confidence as an athlete. Ask those around me and they would describe me as tough, outgoing, tenacious, imaginative, curious and that I talk a lot! Of course if you were to ask me I might tell you I am moderately shy, cautious, and tend to over think things. I have a good talent for perceiving people’s feelings and emotions and use my intuition to help aid in my decision making. I love the outdoors, being active is a necessity and I am constantly looking for people to share my experiences with. If I could gain one thing from my peers in school it would be a better understanding of the needs and wants of those participating in eco and adventure. How fitness and competition can create unforgettable experiences, and how important lifestyle is to the average adventurer.

Sarah Burke and Jim Jack were leaders of people. The influence they had on so many young athletes cannot be measured in a numerical sense but can been seen through industry expansion or progression. This is a legacy that I respect and admire, a talent or trait of which I aspire to. This is the mission of my entrepreneurial venture. I wish to change the way people look at training for adventure sports. I may not be a leader of people, but I am a servant of change.




Help Support My Professional Freeskiing Career

Any donations you can offer will be greatly appreciated and will help me continue to advance my career in professional freeskiing. Thank you, Chelsea Sullivan.

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